Ai Weiwei and Yan Pei-Ming at Museum Voorlinden

In 2007 Ai Weiwei (@aiww) created a very special artwork for the “documenta” contemporary art exhibition that takes place every 5 years in the German town of Kassel. He invited 1001 fellow Chinese from all walks of life to come to Kassel, live in dormitories and visit the town and art show. Within 3 days of posting about it on his blog all available spots were taken and people who had often never left their community were able to travel, experience another world and imagine. For each participant an antique chair was available during the show. The chairs went their own way after the festival, as did the participants. 23 of them ended up in the collection of Museum Voorlinden (@museumvoorlinden).

On the right you can see a portrait of French painter Gustave Courbet and a self-portrait by Yan Pei-Ming. Collossal paintings, created with long broom resembling brushes.

In the background the outlines of Leandro Erlichs (@leandroerlichofficial) Swimming Pool are visible.

👨‍🎨 Ai Weiwei (b. 1957)
🖼️ Fairytale – 1001 Chairs (2007)
👨‍🎨 Yan Pei-Ming (b. 1960)
🖼️ L’artiste à 58 ans, Yan Pei-Ming (2019)
🖼️ L’artiste à 58 ans, Gustave Courbet (2019)
🏛️ Museum Voorlinden
🎟️ Permanent collection