Andreas Gursky in Kunsthalle Bremen

This beautiful minimal photo is by German photographer Andreas Gursky (@andreasgurskyphoto). The photograph is part of a series called “Prada”, with this being the third installment.

It shows the interior of a Prada store, with an excellently lit display cabinet with stacks of black clothes. Gursky did the same with a display full of Prada shoes, there is also a version of this cabinet, with empty shelves.

The way the Prada goods are displayed looks almost like how a museum would do it. Or how a shrine to a certain icon would be set up and lit: commercial goods displayed as desired cult objects. …which is a nice segway into the theme of the exhibition “Icons, worship and adoration” in the Kunsthalle Bremen (@kunsthalle.bremen), which now is in its last week! Every room in the museum is used for the exhibition, and each room shows just one work of art. Over 60 icons of modern art history are presented, exploring the question of what icons mean to us today.

Take a look at Gursky’s work at and discover similar shots taken at Mediamarkt, the Kuwait Stock Exchange and some Formula 1 pit stops, to name a few examples.