Bob Bonies at Kunstmuseum Den Haag

“It works just fine for me, this limited number of colors. They have served me well for the last 50 years.”

The monochrome planes of colour in the works of Dutch artist Bob Bonies (b. 1937) are nothing other than what they appear to be: colour and form. Partly influenced by De Stijl and artists from the color filed painting movement as well as the minimial artists when living in the USA and Canada in the 1960’s he created a very specific style that he is immensely loyal to.

Works from the sixties and seventies are easily combined with works from the beginning of this millennium in the rooms of this exhibition that spans six decades of work.

Gerrit Schreurs (@gerritschreurs_photo_film) visited Bob Bonies in his studio, filmed the preparations for the exhibition and made a documentary of 14 minutes (subtitled in English) about Bob Bonies. Check to see it.

The exhibition is on view until the 5th of September.

👨‍🎨 Bob Bonies (b. 1937)
🖼️ No Title (1976)
🏛️ Kunstmuseum Den Haag
🎟️ Bob Bonies
📅 February 6 – September 5