Callum Innes at… home

I’m so happy with this addition to my Callum Innes collection, which now consists of exactly one work. 😉

“KYC” (2018) is a lithograph Callum Innes made exclusively for Kettle’s Yard Cambridge (@kettlesyard) in an edition of 20 prints at Edinburgh Printmakers (@edinburghprintmakers).

I am a big fan of Innes, in particular of his Exposed Paintings and Exposed Watercolors-series. The beautiful proces in which Innes applies layers and layers of color, partly removing them from the canvas later, results in magnificent geometric shapes in rich, deep colors. Check #CallumInnesMuseumView to see an earlier post in Museum De Pont

To recreate this process in a 3 color lithograph, not the easiest, quickest or most forgiving printing-method to begin with, is absolutely awesome.

A unique work on paper (or canvas!) is still on my wishlist, but recently realized auction-prices indicate I have a bit more saving up to do. Meanwhile, I’m chuffed with this gorgeous edition.

But to be honest, I think it needs a companion on the left or right. What do you think, should I get another one in a different color?

Framing was done by @catchframing, exactly like I wanted: floating in a deep white wooden frame with low-reflection museum glass.

👨‍🎨 Callum Innes (b. 1962)
🖼️ KYC (2018), #18 of 20
🏛️ Private collection 😉