Carlos Amorales in the Stedelijk Museum

The Carlos Amorales (@estudioamorales) exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum (@stedelijkmuseum) in Amsterdam was on my ToDo-list for a while, and when I learned the man himself would be speaking in a “Sunday Seminar” I had to go.

Amorales spoke about his work “Black Cloud”: an installation of thousands of black paper moths that have occupied the walls and ceilings of the museum. We learned about the way the artwork came to be (from Auschwitz, to his grandmother, to the moths gradually taking over his studio) and the way in which fashion giant Dior took off with it, up until the cheap clothing that use the pattern of black moths to this day.

I have seen images of the work throughout my Instagram-timeline for the past weeks and I honestly don’t think there is an original photo of it left to be taken. Then again, they can always be straighter and more symmetric…