Casper Braat at Torch Gallery

Dutch artist Casper Braat (@casperbraat) is a visual artist and art director based in Amsterdam

His first solo-exhibition at @TorchGallery, ‘Forever’, is an ongoing sculpture series that strips home appliances of their function, and encapsulates these more and more disposable practical devices forever in stone. Sculpted in marble (with some details in gold), Braat elevates disposable culture to monumental permanence.

For those seeking to spend less at this gallery: Braat also created the cutest little gold-plated dishwasher tablets. An edition of 25, individually wrapped in cellofane.

👨‍🎨 Casper Braat (b. 1991)
🖼️ CoffeeMaker (2020)
🏛️ Torch Gallery, Amsterdam
🎟️ Forever
📅 September 5 – October 17