Claude Monet in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag

The quiet before the storm.

Only setting my alarm, traveling to The Hague very early, getting at the museum just before opening, skipping the line (thank you, ICOM-card!) and having a lot of patience allowed for me to get these shots. The Monet exhibition in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag ( was a madhouse starting 10 minutes after opening time. My fault for planning this trip on a Sunday, anyway.

The exhibition “Monet, The Garden Paintings” is the first major display of Monet’s works in The Netherlands in over 30 years. It is centered around the dozens of paintings Monet created in preparation for his magnum opus: the Grandes Décorations in the Orangerie building in Paris. In the proces he created hundreds of works. The finished (or was it?) work was finally installed in the current Musée de l’Orangerie (@museeorangerie) only after his death.