Dalí, Labisse and Moesman in the Centraal Museum

Throwback to the exhibition “The Tears of Eros” in the Centraal Museum (@centraalmuseum) in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The exhibition focusses on the only recognized Dutch surrealist Joop Moesman and his contemporaries, both men and women. So sad to see this beautifully designed exhibition closed down in an empty museum for the last couple of weeks ánd coming weeks. Hopefully many will be able to enjoy it again very soon.

From left to right we see

Salvador Dalí “The Memory of the Woman-Child” (1929) on loan from the @museoreinasofia in Madrid
Félix Labisse, “Danaé” (1947) on loan from a private collection
J.H. Moesman “The Marriages” (1933) from the collection of the Centraal Museum

Check @centraalmuseum to enjoy a quick tour through the exhibition by @brutten_centraal, artistic director of the museum.