David Hockney at the National Portrait Gallery

A visitor looking at David Hockney’s portrait of long time friend and collaborator Maurice Payne in charcoal on paper (2012). Payne assisted in printing many of Hockney’s etchings and also worked with him in creating the Paper Pools series: using paper pulp in different colours Hockney created paper artworks of swimming pools, trying to capture the subtle hues of shimmering light on water.

The National Portrait Gallery in London (@nationalportraitgallery) has a nice David Hockney exhibition on since last week. (I read somewhere that there hadn’t been a big Hockney exhibition for about 5 minutes in London, so it was high time… 😁) The show (“Drawing from Life”) focusses on depictions of Hockney himself and a small group of sitters close to him: his muse, Celia Birtwell; his mother, Laura Hockney; and friends, the curator, Gregory Evans, and master printer, Maurice Payne. I aim to post some more shots of the exhibition, including the Paper Pool, later.

And yes: when I go shooting in a museum, I always make sure I have a guy in a black hat in my camera bag.