Edward Hopper at Gagosian

This was quite an experience, even for an avid museum-visitor like me: stepping out of an ordinary street into what seems a regular office building and finding yourself almost immediately eye to eye with a work by Edward Hopper. Granted, it wasn’t an oil painting and it isn’t really big, but both were no obstruction to the historical sensation of seeing a Hopper work in real life. And wanting to take it home with me.

This watercolor “Gloucester Harbor” from 1926 is on view in the Britannia Street branch of Gagosian (@gagosian) in London.

Hopper, best known for his paintings of solitary city life, also painted a lot of seascapes and rural landscapes. These mostly depict strong light and fair weather, Hopper showed little interest in snow or rain scenes. The seascapes specifically are usually situated around Cape God, or greater Massachusetts. Like this one in Gloucester, north of Boston, MA.