Erwin Heerich in Museum Insel Hombroich

Exterior of the building “Turm” (“Tower”). It is one of the buildings designed by Erwin Heerich on the grounds of “Museum Insel Hombroich” near Neuss, Germany.

Museum Insel Hombroich is an open air museum / sculpture garden founded by real estate entrepreneur and art collector Karl-Heinrich Müller. Situated in a beautifully landscaped park, several pavilions were built to accommodate Müllers vast art collection. The art is presented without any context and sometimes in unexpected combinations. There is no (or hardly any) visible security. Rembrandt etchings can be found in the freely accessible rooms, as well as work by Alexander Calder, Francis Picabia, Kurt Schwitters and Yves Klein. Most of the buildings were designed by Düsseldorf born archtitect, designer and sculptor Erwin Heerich.

Erwin Heerich created most of the buildings that are used to display art from Müllers collection, but some of the buildings, like Turm, are actually sculptures themselves. “Walk-in sculptures” Heerich called them.

👨‍🎨 Erwin Heerich (1922-2004)
🖼️ Turm (1987-1989)
🏛️ Museum Insel Hombroich
🎟️ Permanent collection