Gabriel Rico in Museum Voorlinden

“Mural (Reducción objetiva orquestada)” (2019) by Mexican artist Gabriel Rico (@el_senor_del_venenoin) in the new “Momentum” exhibition in Museum Voorlinden (@museumvoorlinden), in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

Rico combines found, collected, and manufactured materials to create sculptures. Examples of the objects used are neon, taxidermy, ceramics, branches, and more personal pieces of his past to create an equation or formulation. The work that arises by pairing all these objects looks almost like a rebus. A rebus with an infinite number of solutions. One for each visitor interacting with the work.

In the next room you can see 2 variations of Robert Rauschenberg’s (@rauschenbergfoundation) “Soviet/American Array”, numbers II and V to be precise (1988-1990).
Rauschenberg was known for combining different mediums in his artwork, mixing for instance painting, photography, and collages of objects he’d found. Being an enormously versatile artist, he designed for dance, designed an album cover for The Talking Heads and was commissioned by BMW to paint one of their cars in the famed BMW Art Car Project.

The works in the “Soviet/American Array”-series were made for the Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange. Funded almost entirely by the artist himself, Rauschenberg traveled to countries around the world often where artistic experimentation had been suppressed, with the purpose of sparking a dialogue and achieving a mutual understanding through the creative process.