Hans-Peter Feldmann in Museum Voorlinden

“Schubladenschrank” (2003) by German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann in the “Momentum” exhibition in Museum Voorlinden (@museumvoorlinden) in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

It fits perfectly in the theme of the new exhibition; objects on the tipping point, but weirdly, this artwork wasn’t in the booklet provided by the museum, nor is there anything useful to be found on the internet. Only the auction house that sold the work in 2015 (Van Ham (@van_ham_auctions)) has a mention of it on their website. Apart from the price it then sold for, the only additional information given is: “Schrank mit 4 Büchern.” (Dresser with 4 books). Feldmann is a painter, creator of (photo)books and conceptual artist using amateur photographs, reproductions, toys, furniture and other objects to create his work.