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this web-app uses the undocumented json feed of an instagram hashtag-page to get the (max) 72 most recent posts containing the entered keyword as a hashtag. the caption of each post is scanned for other hashtags. these are presented with an indication of its popularity/effect.

spaces in the entered keyword will be removed to form one keyword.

by default only hashtags are displayed that were used more than once. this can be changed in the settings-panel.

the order of presentation of hashtags can also be changed to either total number of likes or total number of posts using the hashtag. default sorting is by average number of likes per post.

the found hashtags are color coded for popularity (average # likes per post) with the following settings:

> 500 250-500 100-250 < 100

a tooltip on each hashtag gives details on the average number of likes the posts it was used in generated and the total number of posts that used it (from the (max) 72 most recent posts)

clicking a hashtag will put it on the copy-list. a new search can be done without clearing the copy list. hashtags from the new search can be added to the copylist. the badge on the copy to clipboard button indicates how many hashtags are currently on the list, this button will copy all hashtags on the current copy-list to the clipboard.

the clear it! button will clear all searches and the copy-list.

© wessel spoelder