Itamar Gilboa at LAM

What do you consume in one year?

When Israeli-Dutch artist Itamar Gilboa (@itamargilboa) had been living in Amsterdam for a while, and noticed he was starting to gain some weight, he decided to start keeping a journal of everything he ate. Writing all he consumes down, up to the last sugar cube.

Shocked by the amount of food that goes through him in a year, and the contrast it poses with the hunger elsewhere in the world, Gilboa turns the experiment into an art project. It basically forms a food-chain in itself, as the sale of the porcelain objects he creates for everything he eats generate an income, that allows him… …to eat, ánd to generate proceeds for NGO’s working to end hunger.

The installation in LAM Museum (@lam_museum) contains around 7.000 porcelain objects, from bottles of wine to heads of garlic, Nespresso-capsules, cartons of milk, cauliflowers, ravioli, bottles of coke and the famous Dutch “kroketten” (croquettes). It is as an impressive sight, as it is an impressive feat for one man to eat it all…

👨‍🎨 Itamar Gilboa (b. 1973)
🖼️ The Food Chain Project (2016)
🏛️ LAM, Lisse
🎟️ Permanent collection