Jan Wolkers in Museum De Lakenhal

An enneaptych (yeah, I had to look that up) by Dutch writer, sculptor, painter and nature-lover Jan Wolkers, seen through the banister along the stairs in Museum De Lakenhal (@museumdelakenhal). The nine-part painting is called “Homage to J.S. Bach” and was painted in 1995.

Wolkers was a controversial writer, being one of the first in Dutch literature to write very openly about sexuality and being refused by a publisher because there were too many “dirty words” in his first manuscript. 😉 His paintings can’t be called conventional either. Sometimes using cow-dung as well as paint, in this particular work he used sand. The work is part of a period stretching the last 20 years of his life in which Wolkers worked on a series of monochrome paintings, applying paint (and other materials) in shades of the same color.