Jeff Koons in Kunsthalle Bremen

You either love him or hate him. You either think Koons is a pioneer and of great relevance to modern art-history, or you think he makes a kitchy, commercial kind of neo-pop.

Fact remains Jeff Koons is the most expensive selling artist currently alive. Three of his works are in the top 10 of most expensive artworks by a living artist sold. The orange version of this “Balloon Dog” sold for over $ 58 million in 2013 and holds 3rd place on the mentioned list. Based on that fact alone, this work “Balloon Dog (Red)” (1994-2000) has a rightful place in the “Ikonen” (Icons) exhibition in the @kunsthalle.bremen. Whether you love it or hate it, an Icon it is.

So, what do I think? I think the work is aesthetically pleasing and I captured it nicely here, thanks to the big room, white walls, wooden floor and diffused lights.

The Kunsthalle Bremen has a wonderful exhibition “Ikons, worship and adoration”, which now enters its last week! Every room in the museum is used for the exhibition, and each room shows just one work of art. Over 60 icons of modern art history are presented, exploring the question of what icons mean to us today.

I would highly recommend making a last-minute trip to Bremen, if possible.