Joop Moesman at Centraal Museum

Getting a closer look.

Throwback to the beautifully designed exhibition “The tears of Eros” in the Centraal Museum (@centraalmuseum) in Utrecht, focussing on the work of the only ‘official’ Dutch surrealist Joop Moesman, and placing him in the international context of his fellow-surrealists.

👨‍🎨 Joop Moesman (1909-1988)
🖼️ Newcomer (1933)
🖼️ Encounter (1932)
🖼️ Afternoon (1932)
🏛️ Centraal Museum, Utrecht
🎟️ The tears of Eros
📅 Ended May 2020

Museums in The Netherlands are closed for two weeks, so I will be posting some photos I hadn’t got round to posting yet, all from earlier in 2020.