Levi van Veluw at Galerie Ron Mandos

Levi van Veluw dives into the deepest recesses of his memory to uncover our universal emotions and experiences. For the past year he did this almost uninterruptedly for his solo show at Galerie Ron Mandos in Amsterdam. The result is a fascinating and beautiful body of work, displayed in a delightfully white and empty gallery ;).

Using lines crafted from tulip wood, Van Veluw has created sculptural blueprints of his never-before-depicted memories. And I say “blueprint”, but “fingerprint” might be another way to describe the neatly sculpted lines.

In the back of the gallery, Levi van Veluw has created “a little present for the visitor” as he called it during the preview of the show. “Little present” might be a bit of an understatement as he has created a fabulous infintity room right inside the gallery, which makes the visit almost worthwhile for a visit by itself. But I’ll save the infintity installation for a different post!

Go see it if you can! Starting tomorrow @galerieronmandos.

👨‍🎨 Levi van Veluw (@levivanveluw) (b. 1985)
🏛️ Galerie Ron Mandos (@galerierondmandos)
🎟️ In the depths of memory
📅 March 18 – April 23 2023