Nam June Paik in the Stedelijk Museum

This immersive video installation was one of the German entries in the 1993 Venice Biennale. “Sistine Chapel” was recreated (with slightly more modern projectors) in the last room of the Nam June Paik retrospective “The Future is Now” in the Stedelijk Museum (@stedelijkmuseum) in Amsterdam. These photos *really* don’t do the work any justice. The space is enormous and the sound and video are overwhelming.

Nam June Paik, the pioneer of video-art, summarized his artistic career with video, using an audio-visual collage of new footage and past videos, featuring friends, collaborators and public figures that can be seen in the rest of the exhibition. Luckily the show has been extended after the original ending date in August. Because also this Sistene Chapel has been abandoned for the past months, waiting for the first visitors, who were allowed in the museum only this past week. Go and see it, if you have the chance!v