Peter de Meyer and Jean-Baptiste Bernadet at Museum Voorlinden

Belgian artist Peter de Meyer ( and French artist Jean-Baptiste Bernadet (@jeanbaptistebernadet) are the two eye-catchers in this room in Museum Voorlinden (@museumvoorlinden).

Peter de Meyer placed over 3.000 glass bowls filled with water and paint residu he collected from several paint studios and art colleges in Belgium on the floor for this work “Coda” (2014). The work is a testament to the process behind the creation of every work of art. We see the part we usually don’t see. The part that’s left when the painting is finished.

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet asks the “5 Ws and How” questions in the leftmost painting – “Who, What, Where, When, W̶h̶y̶, How” – and tries to answer them on the right. Tries to; the Why-question is stricken since it can’t be answered by an artist or a painting, the other paintings aren’t really definite answers either. No concrete answers are being offered.

Swipe —> to see an overview of the room. I will post about some other works in this room later.

👨‍🎨 Peter de Meyer (b. 1981)
🖼️ Coda (2014)
👨‍🎨 Jean-Baptiste Bernadet (b. 1978)
🖼️ Untitled (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How) (2012)
🏛️ Museum Voorlinden
🎟️ Listen to your eyes
📅 November 19 – undisclosed