Rita McBride at De Pont Museum

Dancing in the ceiling.

Students of the Fontys Dance Academy (@fhk_danceacademy) perform inside Rita McBrides installation “National Chain”.
The installation was originally conceived in 1997, but has been re-interpreted as “National Chain 2020/Social Practices”. The framework of an enormous suspended ceiling (with each square measuring 1,5 by 1,5 metres) is the playground of dance students, choreographed via Zoom by Alexandra Waierstall (@alexandra_waierstall) and Rita McBride. They in turn can see the dancers every move. The project is a unique virtual work, that is exemplary for the current state of the world (the 1,5 metres isn’t a coincidence) and a collaboration of artists that transcends generation, location and discipline.

The beautiful De Pont Museum (@de_pont_museum) is the backdrop for these unique daily performances, that unfortunately can’t be enjoyed live by the public. During lockdown, the project can be viewed at @nationalchain_socialpractices. Be sure to check it out!