Ron Mueck at LAM

Ron Mueck (@ronmueckart) creates highly realistic sculptures of humans, with sometimes a dead give-away for them not being real: the size. The “Couple under an Umbrella” which resides in Museum Voorlinden (@museumvoorlinden) is freakily large, this one of a woman with shopping bags is eerily small. I had seen it in several pictures of people who visited LAM Museum (@lam_museum) before me, but I wasn’t prepared for the actual size. It is so small, while all the details tell your mind that you’re looking at an actual person. A truly alienating experience, but a wonderful piece of art.

I really enjoyed the LAM Museum and I’m glad I finally got round to visiting it. 5 random things I love about this museum:

  • You pay an entrance fee if you want to. Or not, if you don’t.
  • There’s a public passageway going through the first floor of the museum, so you can see the art even outside of opening hours. Or if you don’t want to go inside.
  • There are no typical museum guards. Everyone on the floor is basically a museum educator. (Are you reading this @themuseumofmodernart?) All very knowledgable and friendly and helpful. They all carry cloths as well and will attack any fingerprint on glass they see.
  • There are no signs or texts on the wall. Instead there is a really good mobile app that allows you to look up insightful information on the artworks. And again: all staff on site know everything as well.
  • This is a museum about food. All senses are being triggered, including taste. You get a little box of candy to eat at a specific work of art when you enter the museum.

👨‍🎨 Ron Mueck (b. 1958)
🖼️ Woman with Shopping (2013)
🏛️ LAM, Lisse
🎟️ Permanent collection