Thijs Biersteker in Nxt Museum

Opening today! Nxt Museum (@nxtmuseum) is the newest museum in The Netherlands and the first museum in the country completely dedicated to new media art. In the opening exhibition “Shifting Proximities” several large scale, immersive multi-sensory exhibits can be viewed. Some of them commissioned especially for this brand new museum.

One of them is this really cool installation bij Thijs Biersteker (@thijs_biersteker). Recycled plastic bottles were used to recreated these glowing tree roots. Some truly pioneering research is being done into plant-to-plant communication in forests. Trees warn each other for possible pending danger using electric signals and help each other by sharing nutrients. This installation mimics the way in which this works. Sensors in the room register visitors near the work and make the work communicate with the light flowing through it. The music and smell(!) give the room the earthy feel you’d expect when looking at tree roots.

A beautiful fusing of art, science and technology.

Nxt Museum can be found in Amsterdam Noord (North), a couple of minutes walking-distance from the ferry across the IJ river from Amsterdam Central Station. Tickets for a specific time-slot need to be purchased online beforehand.

👨‍🎨 Thijs Biersteker (in collaboration with Stefano Mancuso (@stefano_mancuso_linv))
🖼️ Econtinuum (2020)
🏛️ Nxt Museum
🎟️ Shifting Proximities
📅 from August 29