Yngve Holen at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris

The artwork “Cake” (2016) by Yngve Holen (@yngveholen). Yngve Holen is a Norwegian installation-artist who lives and works in Berlin. In his work he often deals with industrial design and its applications, intervening with it’s original use.

In this case extremely so: For “Cake”, Holen cut a Porsche Panamera (a € 160.000 car) in 4 parts and presented it inside out. A “sacrificial gesture imposed upon a mass-produced luxury object elevated onto the alter of art”. The work is part of the collection of Lafayette Anticipations (@lafayetteanticipations), a general interest foundation structured around its production activities and support provided to contemporary creation. It is (co)-established by the Galeries Lafayette Group. The Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris (@museedartmodernedeparis) shows a selection of the Lafayette Anticipations-collection in the exhibition “You”, until mid-February.