Zoro Feigl in Museum Kranenburgh


The obviousness and the necessity of air are two central principles in the new exhibition Air in Museum Kranenburgh (@museumkranenburgh) in Bergen NH that opens tomorrow. I was lucky enough to preview the exhibition and this room was one of my favorites in an overall beautifully curated and designed show. More to come later!

Dutch installation artist Zoro Feigl (@studiozoro) suspended several fire hoses from the ceiling that are linked to each other ánd to a compressor that pumps air into it. The hoses expand and deflate as a living, breathing animal.

Zoro Feigl often uses industrial materials in his installations, giving them a new, poetic purpose and character.

The exhibition “Air” (“Lucht”), containing works by Ai Wei Wei, Jan van Munster, Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Yoko Ono, Elpeth Diederik amongst others opens tomorrow, the 8th of July and is on view until the end of November.

👨‍🎨 Zoro Feigl (b. 1983)
🖼️ Pressurizing (2010)
🏛️ Museum Kranenburgh (@museumkranenburgh)
🎟️ Lucht (Air)
📅 July 8 – November 29